21st Century Technology/

18th Century Values

Creech Car Care Centers, INC., located in Charlotte is focused on repairing and maintaining your car. 

Founder and CEO Charlie Creech has had a life long passion for repairing cars. He overhauled his first engine at age 12 (A 6B-HS Briggs and Stratton) and was asked by his 9th grade general science teacher to teach the lesson on internal combustion engines - And he did!!

Charlie went on to rebuild many more engines ranging from a pick-up truck engine to a dual overhead cam Jaguar engine.

He graduated from a major university in North Carolina and pursued a career in manufacturing, notably Homelite Chain Saws. After some years, his dissatisfaction from not being around the auto repair process reached the point at which the idea for Creech Car Care Centers was born.

Many obstacles lay in the way, not the least of which was the very substantial amount of cash necessary to develop and promote a high quality auto repair business in Charlotte. 

He insisted on having the highest level of customer service and top level people and facilities. He remembered the words of Jesus in Mark 11:20-26 which said "What you say and pray believing you shall receive". Charlie believed these words completely and stood on them for years.

After some years, a small investment in some Charlotte land decades earlier exploded into the large sum he needed. A car repair facility was secured and a technician team assembled.

So now we are here to offer you magnificent customer and expert car repairs and maintenance at reasonable prices.

Come see us and let us pamper you and your car with a ride to work or home in our stretch limo or provide you snacks and drinks in our comfortable waiting area.