Contact us at Candle with a Cause and we will either provide you at no charge 25 candles that we can either label for you or you can label. You can purchase at a very low cost 25 or more candles to launch your business. 

We recommended you sell you candles at a suggested price of min $12.00 or more.  All we ask is that after you generate income, come back and purchase candles from Candles for a Cause and continue to grow. 

If you are a established business, support Candle with a Cause by utilizing and purchasing our candles for you company needs.  You will be supporting a company determined to give back a help a lower wealth community and offer creative opportunities to tap into self worth and entrepreneurial  opportunities.


Searching for a opportunity to give back and open doors for under-served communities and anyone interested in starting  a small business but needing a break? Candle with a cause may be your answer. 


It's a very simple concept. Its a candle business. But not just a candle business. Its a candle with a cause.  

Our goal is to lift people out of poverty by helping them lift themselves and make quality employment available to everyone. Our priority audience being people with low wealth communities, people with learning differences, veterans, elderly, under-served communities, you know, the "cool people."


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CANDLES FOR A CAUSE is going to be the Uber in the Candle industry. Candle Disrupter.  Never purchase a candle from a store again.

In addition to employment we will provide Life Training, Information and Resources that may be needed by the communities we are serving.

Suggested creative ways to use and generate income:  Fundraisers, Sports Teams, Small Business, Client Gifts, Teacher Gifts, Sororities, and Fraternities.

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